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    Robuust Groep BV
    Willemsvaart 11
    8019AB Zwolle
    The Netherlands
    Creditor ID: NL54ZZZ081893550000
    Reference: CATS Abonnement
    Mandate: Client number as stated on the invoice

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    My CATS account is https://.catsone.nl

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    By signing this mandate, you authorise (A) Robuust Groep BV to send instructions to your bank to direct debit your account and (B) your bank to debit your account in accordance with the instructions from Robuust Groep BV. This mandate is only intended for business-to-business transactions. You remain the right to refund the collected debit in accordance with the rules as set by your bank.

    By sending this form you declare;

    - You are entitled to make this agreement concerning the purchased services on behalf of your company.
    - The provided information on this form is correct.
    - You agree with our Terms of Service
    - The upgrade will be effective immediately and de trial period will be ended

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